Cleaner, better pool water

Think of clean pool water like gourmet food

Like gourmet cooking, clean pool water takes a recipe, lots of quality ingredients, and a skilled person or team to put it all together. So why do so many good, knowledgable pool operators often struggle with keeping pools clean and healthy?

Perhaps it’s because the products they use over-promise and under-deliver. They may have low-quality ingredients. Or maybe they just don’t have all the ingredients. Unlike so many pool product companies, Orenda doesn’t believe a “total solution” exists in a single bottle.

In an industry full of solutions and products, it’s easy for pool owners and operators to become discouraged when their pool doesn’t shimmer. Everyone wants clean, beautiful pool water, but let’s face it, clean water takes work. It’s a constant fight against organics and other contaminants, balancing pool chemistry and cleaning practices. A lot can go wrong, and a lot of money and effort can be wasted.

Clean filtration system

If you’re going to be cooking, using clean dishes and utensils is essential. For a swimming pool, the pump room is the kitchen, and the components of the filtration system are the dishes. So how do you keep them clean?

grimy filter bed

As filter sand gets more and more organic grime built up, it’s ability to filter water diminishes. Orenda enzymes eat through the grime, restoring your sand to prime form.

You can start by reducing organic waste.

Organics describe almost everything nasty in a pool system: dead skin, hair, body oils, sunscreen, dirt, leaves, saliva, urine, etc. These are the same organics that have to be oxidized by chlorine, creating harmful chloramine byproducts.

Most pool owners and operators have slogged through grimy sand filters, strainer baskets and pipes at least once in their career, and it’s not enjoyable. But what if those organics could be controlled out in the pool before the water flows through the filtration system? That’s where Orenda’s CV-600 and CV-700 Enzymes make pool operators look like heroes.


Orenda’s enzyme products digest non-living organics. In doing so, the enzymes clear the path for chlorine to do its job more effectively. Think of it like this: if chlorine’s job is to target bacteria and other bad stuff, organics just get in the way. The free chlorine you put in the pool gets burned up faster, increasing chlorine demand.

As gross as it is, there are a lot of organics in a typical pool. Do you really want your chlorine to be bogged down burning them up? And what about the chloramines and other byproducts that happen as a result?

It’s not like bacteria waits in line to meet chlorine either; oxidation and sanitation is all happening through dilution around the pool. This is part of the reason why ultra-violet disinfectant systems take time to reduce chloramines in pools; UV has to wait for water to flow through the pipe, and therefore it’s not on the front lines in the battle for clean, healthy pool water.

Unlike UV, Orenda enzymes do not disinfect pool water, but they are circulating in the pool, on the front lines against organics. Enzymes digest organics so the chlorine is freed up to oxidize other contaminants. The result is healthier, cleaner water, and in many cases, reduced chlorine demand.

Other Orenda pool water treatments

Phosphate Remover

Phosphates can also contribute to dirty pool water. By reducing them, your pool will benefit from having less total dissolved solids (TDS). Phosphates come from phosphorus-based organics, and are generally found in drinking water and other pool chemicals. They may not be a huge issue for most pools, but handling them is a wise, proactive approach to healthy pool chemistry.

Orenda’s PR-10,000 is the most concentrated phosphate removal product in the aquatics industry. It’s NSF® Certified, so you know what’s on the label is exactly what is in the bottle.

Scale and Metal Control

Unlike most scale and metal fighting products on the market, Orenda’s SC-1000 is not phosphate based. This allows it to be used in conjunction with PR-10,000 without negating the efficacy of either product. While many pools don’t have high metal content in their pools, those that do understand the struggle against metal staining. SC-1000 gives the pool operator a powerful weapon against metals and scale, without the burden of toxicity for patrons or the environment.

Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme

Finally, an all-natural clarifier that lives up to the hype. No blue dye, no synthetic polymers, no shortcuts. After all, “natural” means nothing synthetic in it… like blue dye. Ours is chitosan based, which is recognized as a very effective clarifier by attracting particles in the top several inches of water. For extra help breaking down non-living organics and oils, we added some of our trademark enzymes to the formula. If you use clarifier, you’ll want to try CE-Clarifier.