Prior to plaster day

#1 – Test the tap water (fill water) at the site. Test for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, phosphates, free chlorine and metals. If water is municipally sourced, you can request in-depth water test results from the water treatment bureau.

#2 – Input the test results into the Orenda LSI calculator.

#3 – Use the Orenda Calculator to establish balanced parameters to reach for startup. Get Dosage and email results through the app.

#4 – Purchase necessary calcium chloride (flake) and sodium bicarbonate to have on site for fill up day.

Day 1

#1 – Add 1 Quart of SC-1000 (per 10,000 gallons) to Main Drain prior to fill, or wait until a few inches of water are in the bowl to pour in entire ‘purge’ dose.

#2 – Adjust calcium hardness to 300-400ppm, depending on your climate. Contact us to find out how much we recommend for where you live. Pre-dissolve the calcium chloride and cool prior to adding to the water as the water is filling. Use either the Orenda startup barrel system, or buckets.

Day 2

#1 – Adjust Alkalinity with sodium bicarbonate. Do not add acid to lower anything. If Alkalinity is high, leave it high.

#2 – Brush the pool, mainly for dirt (as there should not be plaster dust if done properly), and run circulation.

Day 3 – Day 5

#1 – Add Chlorine – no more than 3-5 ppm*

*1 gallon of Liquid Chlorine will raise chlorine level to 10ppm

#2 – Continue to make adjustments to pH, Alkalinity.

#3 – Add 1 Quart of CV-700 or CV-600

#4 – Brush, Vacuum (not a wheeled vacuum) & Run Pool LSI – Strive for a range between 0.0 & + 0.5

Week 2 – Week 4

#1 – Normal Maintenance – Adjust chemicals to ideal LSI range

#2 – Add 4-5 ounces of CV-700 or CV-600, adjusting amount for higher bather load and continue weekly maintenance

#3 – Add 3 ounces of SC-1000, for continued Metal & Scale Protection and continue weekly maintenance

30 Days +

#1 – Check phosphates and treat with PR-10,000, no more than 8 ounces per 10,000 gallons at a time.  Clean filter as needed, (watch pressure).  Continue to treat weekly until phosphates are below 200ppb.  Start pool on weekly maintenance of 1-2 ounces of PR-10,000 (optional), or check for phosphates quarterly, more often if needed

#2 – CV-700 or CV-600 along with SC-1000 should be added weekly for optimum water quality.

#3 – Add Cyanuric Acid – 30 ppm maximum