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cold water is corrosive

Cold water is more corrosive and can etch plaster

 Cold water lowers the LSI and makes pool water more…
cloudy pool water

Cloudy Pool Water: Why does it always happen?

 Cloudy pool water is normal, but avoidable Like many…
urine in swimming pools

Change we can relieve in - A more practical way to address urine in pools

This article about urine in swimming pools was originally…
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pool plaster

I knew nothing about pool plaster. So I went to the NPC Show.

 I had no idea how much science is involved in the pool…
calcium hardness in pools

Understanding Calcium Hardness

 You can find a plethora of information online about…

Who is NSPF, and what do they offer?

NSPF is the leading educator in the aquatics industry Orenda…
pool sand filter refurbish, how to clean a sand filter

Refurbishing a sand filter vs. Doing a sand change

To test the strength of Orenda products, we accepted…
NSF International

NSF International: What it is, and why it’s important

The organization referred to in this article is NSF International,…
ORP light

Understanding ORP: Oxidation Reduction Potential

Have you ever been asked "what is ORP?" For most…