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How Orenda enzymes actually work

 How Orenda enzymes actually work Orenda enzymes CV-600…
pool turned green from copper, copper stains, pool stain remover, pool stains, pool stain treat,

Pool turned green from copper and a chlorine shock

It turned green from copper, not algae. Who would've thought? Brand…
calcium crystals, calcium carbonate, not scale, sharp scale, calcium hydroxide vs. scale

Calcium Scale ≠ Underwater Calcium Crystals

NOTE: This article has been revised from its original version,…
filter channeling

Pool filter channeling - causes, symptoms, and how to fix it

Filter Channeling is a problem Seasoned pool operators…
dosing calculator app, pool calculator

How to use the Orenda App: Dosing Calculator + LSI

 Need an accurate pool chemistry Dosing Calculator?…
MCAC warmup pool, overloaded

Warmup Pool Overloaded: How enzymes handled 850 swimmers

The following is a true story, exactly the way I remember…
chlorine alternatives, bromine, shock

Pool sanitizers, Part 2: Chlorine alternatives

Pool Sanitizers, continued...Chlorine alternatives In part 1,…
pool sanitizer chlorine, types of chlorine

Different types of pool sanitizer, Part 1: Chlorine

A good pool sanitizer is essential to a healthy, safe swimming…
cold water is corrosive

Cold water is more corrosive and can etch plaster

 Cold water lowers the LSI and makes pool water more…
cloudy pool water

Cloudy Pool Water: Why does it always happen?

 Cloudy pool water is normal, but avoidable Like many…