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LSI first, range chemistry, water balance, saturation index, corrosion index

LSI First. Range Chemistry Second.

What if Range Chemistry is the wrong thing to focus on?   In…
water testing, orenda, orenda testing, pool chemistry, orenda calculator

Honesty in Water Testing

If you're not testing, you're just guessing Water testing is…
pool winterization, winterize a pool, pool cover, LSI, orenda, closing a pool, calcium crystals, water temperature

Pool Winterization Water Chemistry

  Pool Winterization and Water Temperature If your climate…
alkalinity, total alkalinity, pH, pool alkalinity, alkali, alkalinity mean, alkalinity definition

Understanding Alkalinity: A beginner's guide

  Alkalinity is one of the primary things measured in…
how to add calcium, add calcium, add calcium to a swimming pool, increase calcium hardness, balance LSI, balanced pool chemistry, pool chemistry, calcium flake

How to add calcium to a swimming pool the right way

My name is Greg Beard, and I have been in the pool service business…
ORP, LSI, ORP and LSI, the future of water management, harold evans, orenda

ORP and LSI: The Future of Water Chemistry

ORP and LSI are not emphasized enough Way back in 1984 I founded…
cyanuric acid, CYA, problems with cyanuric acid, how to remove cyanuric acid, reduce cyanuric acid, lower CYA

Five things you need to know about Cyanuric Acid

Five things you need to know about Cyanuric Acid Cyanuric acid…
calcium, calcium hardness, orenda, orenda pool, calcium in pools, scale, pool scale, scale remover

Calcium: The most misunderstood chemistry in the pool business

  Calcium impacts all types of pool surfaces Pick your…
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marshmallow test, delayed gratification, instant gratification, self control, self discipline, play the long game, the long game, retirement, plan for the future

Delayed Gratification: The Marshmallow Test

We live in a world of instant gratification Delayed gratification…