CV-600 Enzymes in action!

Digests oils and off-gasses CO2

The Orenda Test Pool

Harold walks us through the equipment setup at Orenda’s test pool in Fairview, Texas. Its equipment is plumbed and setup a certain way for optimum efficiency and automation.

Location: Fairview, TX

New Pool Startup

Using LSI Calculator and SC-1000 for a new plaster startup. Follow the National Plasterer’s Council (NPC) guidelines for a safe startup.

Location: Reston, VA

Calcium out of the tap: water chemistry lesson with Harold Evans

All water chemistry starts at the tap. You must test the tap water to know the baseline for water treatment. Test for calcium hardness, pH, alkalinity and temperature. Your plaster surface depends on it. Learn why it’s important to add calcium flake to the water, instead of letting the calcium levels in the pool “drift up.”

Location: Dallas, TX

Vacuum sand filter purge

Deep clean and refurbish with enzymes in a Paddock vacuum sand filter.

Location: Rock Hill, SC

Commercial sand filter ridges, evidence of channeling

Clear evidence of channeling. An undisturbed filter bed with large ridges around the inside edges. The filter is about to be deep cleaned and purged with enzymes and phosphate remover.

Location: Huntersville, NC

Purple stains from high Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

Video shot by Greg Beard, UPA Chapter President in Southern California. Typically purple stains don’t show up unless CYA levels exceed 200ppm!  Can you imagine how inefficient the chlorine is?

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Filter Channeling (Pressure sand TR140)

Regular backwashing is ineffective if your filter has a channeling problem. Water is avoiding the sand and finding the path of least resistance. In this case, it’s going around the inside of the filter tank.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Cleaning a pressure sand filter (TR-140) with enzymes and phosphate remover

A little bit of enzymes and phosphate remover go a long way, especially when applied directly into dirty sand filters. Isolate the filters for a deep clean, let soak, then backwash to waste.

Location: Nashville, TN

What is an Orenda Pool?

Swimmer & Coach experience

Location: Charlotte, NC

What is an Orenda Pool?

Facility Operator Experience

Location: Charlotte, NC

Enzymes remove scum off the walls

CV-600 + PR-10,000 vs. organic film in a commercial sand filter (Paddock Vacuum Sand filter)

Location: Rock Hill, SC

PR-10,000 vs. Calcium, organic scum

Wiping off calcium scale/film with Orenda PR-10,000

Location: Spartanburg, SC

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover in action!

Reacts with phosphates on contact, and the reaction clouds up the pool.

Location: Dallas, TX

Hard Rock Vegas

Testimonial from one of the heaviest loaded pools in America

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Hard Rock Vegas Service Provider

Hard Rock Vegas Testimonial