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Science and Nature in Harmony

We help people who manage water—in pools, spas, cooling towers, wastewater and beyond—deliver cleaner, better water to their customers….and do it efficiently.

Our brand of eco-friendly water treatment products are formulated with a solid foundation in scientific research, and meet the strictest standards of quality and purity in the industry: NSF/ANSI Certification, Standards 50 and 60.

Orenda treatments each serve a unique purpose in the overall realm of water chemistry, and they are designed to be used in conjunction with one another. Together, the Orenda program can boost sanitizer efficiency, protect pool surfaces and address scale buildup, remove phosphates and clarify the water for that extra shine.

We are changing the way the world thinks about water.

Our Eco-Friendly Water Treatments

orenda enzymes, cv600, CV-600


Enzyme Water Cleaner

All natural formula digests non-living organic waste to create optimal water clarity and chlorine efficiency

cv700, CV-700, Orenda enzyme and phosphate remover, Orenda enzymes


Enzyme + Phosphate Remover

All natural formula digests non-living organic waste to create optimal water clarity and chlorine efficiency, while removing moderate levels of phosphates

pr10000, PR-10,000, orenda phosphate remover concentrate


Phosphate Remover Concentrate

The purest, most environmentally responsible way to remove phosphates from pools. Removes phosphates on contact

sc1000, SC-1000, orenda sequest, orenda scale and metal control, orenda startup product


Scale & Metal Control

Great for startups! Protect new plaster and equipment with this non-phosphate-based calcium & metal sequest

CE-Clarifier, orenda clarifier, natural clarifier, chitosan clarifier, enzyme clarifier


Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme

Clear up your pools with this all-natural Chitosan Clarifier + Enzymes. All natural; no synthetic polymers or dyes

NSF Certified

We have a narrow and focused line of eco-friendly water treatments; each of which has its formula firmly based in science. As proof of our commitment to quality, we have gone through the extra effort and expense to have every Orenda product certified by NSF International. Their testing and standards are among the most stringent in the world. We are proud to have our entire line earn the NSF Certification mark.

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